Cellfast® irrigation hoses

So, you thought you knew everything there was to know about garden hoses? Time to increase your repertoire with the very useful Cellfast® irrigation hoses!

Irrigation hoses are flexible lengths of hose with holes evenly spaced down the one side. You simply roll out the hose along the area that you want watered - even around curves - and turn on the tap. Water pressure controls the distance sprayed and you can use the hoses with the holes facing upwards so water comes down like rain on plants and flowers, or hole-side down, so water gently seeps into the soil and directly to roots - ideal in a vegetable patch!

Three-tube Irrigation Hoses

There are two lengths of the three-tube irrigation hoses in the multi-award winning Cellfast® range. The 7, 5 metre irrigation hose retails for R218 and the 15-metre hose is R285. Both come standard with a tap connection kit. You can even join multiple lengths of irrigation hose, with a connector set, for a maximum length of 22, 5 metres.

These hard-wearing Cellfast® irrigation hoses are UV resistant, have anti-algae properties and are Cd/Ba free, which makes them perfect for use in gardens where herbs and vegetables are grown.

Use with Water Timers

They can also be linked up to either the Cellfast® manual or digital water timers to make life even easier!

The Cellfast® range is available from selected Builders Warehouse, Chamberlain stores, Build It stores; and independent hardware stores and nurseries. Ask for Cellfast by name!

Cellfast® irrigation hoses

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