The Cellfast Group is one of the leading plastics processing companies in Poland with over 25 years of experience. This experience has enabled us to become the leading manufacturer of hoses, garden accessories, gutter systems and soffits in this part of Europe. We are very proud that Cellfast is 100% designed, developed, and manufactured in Poland. We are unquestionably the dominant brand in the domestic market and an important exporter to many countries in Europe and the rest of the world.

Over the years, the Group has invested significant resources into modern machinery and new technology, but primarily our focus has been on investment in human capital.
Today, the growth in business has led to Cellfast being a financially secure entity that successfully operates in both the domestic and foreign markets. We pride ourselves on the ability to offer the highest quality products, while still maintaining competitive pricing.
Currently, the Cellfast group has manufacturing facilities exceeding 50 000 m² in area, composed of three plants, located in Stalowa Wola and Krosno.


The Cellfast Group employs highly specialised personnel, who are constantly working on innovations in order to provide modern solutions to today’s gardener. Regular changes are implemented in our manufacturing processes to facilitate these innovations.
On this basis, we are able to guarantee the highest quality products to our consumers, for which we have been awarded various certificates.


While high quality workmanship and durability are extremely important to us, the main focus for Cellfast as a company, is in the ergonomic design and functionality of our products. It is in this area that we really distinguish ourselves from our competitors. Confirmation of our success in the field of industrial design can be seen through the significant Polish and international awards that we have received.

In 2015, Cellfast was honoured with an 'Oscar of Design', which is the Red Dot Award, and in 2017, the company received the iF Design Award - one of the most important design awards in the world.
Cellfast was also very proud to receive the Good Design Award, the oldest and most prestigious design award granted in Australia.


A new production plant, warehouse and office space were opened in Krosno.

The Cellfast group launched logistics and distribution centres in Stalowa Wola and Kiev.

Highly  modern state of the art raw material processing facility was launched. This facility offered full technical, technological and construction support. Over and above this, a CNC machining centre, enabling the manufacture of modern tools used for production, was opened.
The complete modernization and reorganization of the plant in Stalowa Wola was also accomplished.

Investment in new technologies, followed by an intensive development and extension of the products offered


- 25 years of experience in the processing of plastics
- Most up-to-date modern technology used in the manufacturing process
- Wide selection of products offered,  with the ability to expand in accordance with customers requirements.
- Ergonomically designed, functional products quality at the most competitive price
- Fast, professional, individualised customer service


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